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Disposable Diapers are designed to withstand kids' misadventures.

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Diapers Cannot Cause Chemical Burns

Over the past several years, a number of articles and posts have circulated on the internet associating diapers, both disposable and cloth, with chemical burns on babies’ skin. Read More.

Diaper Safety and Health

Diaper manufacturers understand the importance that parents place on the safety of their children. Diapers undergo a thorough safety review process which evaluates both the materials used in and design of the product. Read More.

Colors in Diapers

Colors are frequently added to disposable diapers to enhance the diapering experience. This could include their use to indicate the diaper’s orientation, highlight the diaper’s functional areas, drive consumer or child interest, or convey diaper wetness. Read More.

Disposable Diapers Small Part of What We Throw Away

One major myth about diapers is that they are a large portion of the trash we dispose. Research shows disposable diapers comprise less than 1.5% of trash in landfills. Read More.

Disposable Diapers Keep Babies Dryer

Disposable diapers keep babies' skin dryer and more comfortable. They are designed to trap wetness away from skin in a way that cloth diapers can't. Read More.